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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  October 26, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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so when drug companies spend $100 million dollars lying about how prop sixty-one will affect veterans... i get angry. sixty-one will help lower costs for everyone, including vets. believe me. not them. vote yes on sixty-one.
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new support for thousands of california national guard members who were given bonuses -- then asked to now at noon, new support for thousands of california national guard members who were given bonuses then asked to pay them back. the request is sparking outrage and now the defense secretary is stepping in. good afternoon >> it's not exact what's going to happen in this case. burr veterans are calling it a slap in the face. defense secretary ash carter announced a pause in the recollection of bonuses. he adds. while some veterans knew that
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they were ineligible for if the bonuses that they were getting. during the wars in afghanistan and iraq soldiers were offered general incentives to reenlist. including bonuses and school loan forgiveness. the pentagon says it asked at most 6,050 soldiers for repayment. the guards say at least $15,000 have been collected. >> it's a horrible thing. >> reporter: the guard reported the debt to credit agencies. >> as it sinks it, it just felt
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like betrayal. >> it's one quick fix to this. that is waive all of the ious for every national guard member. >> the pentagon's decision due in july. we have some breaking news we're getting word of a strong earthquake in central italy. there are some reports of damage to buildingss from the 5.4 quake. it brought down power lines and sent people running into the streets. and people felt it from perus -- perusia to rome. several bay area dmv locations as well like this one in santa clara. we caught up with one person who is trying to take care of
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some registration issuings. he was turned down for a second straight day. >> yesterday yeah, computers were down. i came and the dmv and said the computers would be back up this morning and they were not. another wasted trip. >> the outage started on monday. the officers that are still down will continue offering driving tests, making return appointments, helping with paper work and answering questions all online services are available. right now some powerful critics of barter offering people to vote no on measure rr. $3.5billion bond measure that would fund upgrades to the transit agency's aging infrastructure. opponents including steve glazer say that b.a.r.t.'s current manager cannot be trusted. and two members of the november ballot can revitalize
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an eyesore in the bay. they say that that would clear the way to knock down the vacant vaco mall. >> we have an opportunity a once in a lifetime opportunity right now to not only revitalize valco but do so in a way where we can create gathering spaces that the community has told us they dearly need. >> reporter: not everyone is on board with the plan. supporters of measure c say it allows residents to limit uncontrolled growth in the city and prevent overcrowding. campaign 2016 now, donald trump falling victims to vandals once again. someone smashed his star on the hollywood walk of fame using a hammer and a pick. a man dressed as a construction worker hacked out donald trump's name then he and a camera man walked off. >> he chiseled out the brass
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piece in the center of the star. i think someone asked him can i have have and he said you have to ask the city. and he and the news guy walked away. >> reporter: the man is upset over allegations that trump has mistreated women. the vandalism comes as donald trump takes a short break from the campaign trail to attend some business. >> reporter: donald trump cut the ribbon in his brand new luxury hotel here in washington, d.c. >> we built one of the great real estate companies of the world but it seems very insignificant to what we're doing now. >> reporter: the event was supposed to be a corporate event but quickly turned into
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campaign rhetoric. >> remember hillary said herself, it was called hillary care before it was called obama care. >> the morning ceremony at trump international hotel also provided a stage for some profesters. trump's new hotel is less than a mile from the white house. but the rout from here to the oval office could go through florida. hillary clinton has two stops in florida with she's urging floridians to vote early. >> i love your sign. vote early, florida. that's great.. florida can make the difference and if people get out and vote we will have a victory on november 8th. >> reporter: clinton's staff surprised her to celebrate her 69th birthday. >> here in the bay area. clinton supporters will be
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celebrating their candidate's birthday at their new campaign office in oakland. grand opening festivities start at 5:00 p.m. new at noon, walnut creek police need your help finding a pair of pickpockets they just identified. they say that 32-year-old crystal pratt and eva coleman stole wallets. both have arrest wanters for burglary, identify theft and credit card fraud. surveillance video from august shows the women swiping a wallet from the table next to them. during a probation search of pratt's home police found additional stolen credit cards that will likely result in future criminal charges. right now shares of apple are down 3% after the cuper to the best -- cupertino company
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declined. apple sold less apple iphones than the last release. checking the big board, the dow is up 29 points. all right may seem harmless, snapping a selfie with your ballot. how that picture could land some americans in big trouble. >> plus target hoping to turn things around. how the chain will try to recover from sales. >> good afternoon from the kpix weather center, we're taking a live look you doors where we have blue skies, a gentle breeze but that's going to come to an end very quickly. we'll time out return of the cooler weather, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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many states it's actually illegal. cbs reporter ben tracy looks at how the "ballot selfie" is creating proble you may be tempted to take a selfie as you cast a vote but in some states it's illegal. how the selfie is causing problems in the upcoming election. >> reporter: justin timberlake always seems ready for his close up. but this side eyed selfie could have gotten jt jail time.
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taking selfie inside polling is prohibited. saying choose to have a voice. if you don't, then we can't hear you. the problem though isn't hearing it's seeing. while 19 states allow you to share a ballot box selfie at least 18 others have laws that ban it. some are unclear and allow for pictures of mail in ballots. >> a lot of these rules were written before there were cell phones. >> reporter: rick hansen is a political professor. >> people are not going to bribe you to vote one way or the other because they can't prove the way you voted. >> reporter: in the social media age, the ballot selfie seems ineligible. for some the picture is not even enough. >> that's one in the bank. >> reporter: in illinois they even set up a selfie booth to
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give people a legal spot to take their shot. as for justin timberlake don't worry he's not being locked up. the tennessee secretary of state's office actually seemed to be enjoying the publicity saying we're thrilled justin can't stop the feeling when it comes to voting so much that he voted early in person and is promoting voting to his millions of fans. ben tracy, cbs news, los angeles. and here in california, governor brown signed a bill to make it legal to take a selfie in the voting booth but it doesn't go into effect until after the election. no one has ever been prosecuted in our state for sharing a ballot selfie. target is hoping to turn around a lackluster performance year. it plans to offer more deal driven promotions and tv ads and extend its free shipping offer until january. target predict that is despite uncertainty around the presidential elections consumer spending will be strong this
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holiday season. >> florida's nearly $11 million citrus industry faces a growing danger. 90% are infected. david begno tells us next year's orange harvest can be one of the lowest in decades. >> it's not a job, it's not a business, it's a way of life. >> reporter: a way of life that's in crisis because of this tiny bug. it appear in the u.s. in 2005 and is an increasing threat to florida's entire citrus industries. profits are razor thin for growers like johnson. >> what's going on in your eyes that i can see. >> it's emotion time. i'm the fourth generation to be here. and to give that up would really hurt me. >> this single state produces more oranges than any other country in the world except brazil. but production is plummeting.
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in 2004, florida produced 240 million boxes of oranges. this season, that number is going to drop to 70 million. and it's because of greening, and that's why researchers are looking at every possible option to try and combat it. >> these are smaller and lopsided. >> reporter: michael rogers is an anth ymologist. >> farmers are getting fewer crops than usual. >> reporter: mesh nets shields the trees but effective but expensive. there's 300,000 acres of ghost orchards, left to the weeds. sports fans in cleveland have a lot to smile about right now while the cavs are getting their championship rippings
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last night. the indians shut out the cubs 6- 0 in the game one of the world series. the cubs and indians representatively hold the longest championship drought in major league baseball history. game two tonight in cleveland. after acquiring durant. warrior fans had high ebbing -- expectations for the season. the warriors lost to the san antonio spurs 129-100. roberta is here with the check of weather. >> kds old team oklahoma will be in town next thursday november 3. so that's going quite the game to behold. we have no rain to forecast until tomorrow. we just have it fired up ready to go. this is our live weather camera. we're looking out from san francisco. we're looking due east. and i wanted to share something with you here. i'm going to go ahead and line this up for you here. because i've been asked what's
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that up there. that's the tiptop of mount diablo in the east bay. so that gives you an idea our visibility at this hour is unlimited. temperatures are so nice and comfortable right now. we're talking about 60s even up to 70 degrees right now in san jose. santa rosa 66. now we started the morning with a hint of stratus in the form of fog. that is now out of here. the winds do remain light. we will pick up later today. 10 in nevato. we will have rain. dana in nevato says it's 82 and enjoy it while you can. we do have this. this is beautiful. it is an area of low pressure. this is the plume of moisture that's tapping into tropical moisture way into the eastern pacific actually tapping into a hurricane named seymore.
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we will get -p tropical moisture and i can't even rule out the possibility of a thunderstorms tomorrow night. we'll have a hit and miss scattered rain. through our friday tapering off friday afternoon. dry day saturday with more rain saturday night. first system until saturday we're talking about an inch and a half of rain in some locations especially to the south. flood flash watch especially for los angeles. we're talking 60s and 70s today. sunset at 6:17 and here is your extended forecast. rain out thursday, friday, dry day saturday. more rain saturday night into sunday. looks like rain tuesday. we'll be right back after this. the sunset sunrise report brought to you by el camino hospital.
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because she is a butterfly, who fights fires. because she is my daughter, and the surgeon general says that raising tobacco taxes... is a proven way to make sure she never smokes.
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it is time for the pharmaceutical industry to stop the entire nation is looking at california. let's go forward together. thank you all very much. the late variety grapes that are coming in, these grapes are great because they're large, sweet, crunchy. loaded with flavor. they're great for us. look how big they are. i'm going to take out a bunch. when you buy them at the market, check out the back and make sure they're all green. make sure the stem is nice and green. when you bring them home in the refrigerator right away. and usually the summertime, all those going to the fall with grapes are a little smaller.
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for some reason i think it's because the night is a little colder they get bigger. yet the sugar is there. i love these grapes, they're so crunchy, so big. two or three grapes is all you need to enjoy but i will enjoy this whole bunch right here. automakers remember eat fresh and stay healthy -- always remember eat fresh and stay healthy. hear the crunch. a bizarre twist of fate for a family in new hampshire. a woman's father put a message in a bottle and threw it out to see. you can see how stained and worn the note is. a tourist found it in the caribbean in 2007. 2007. decoded the message and then tracked down the owners. and then traveled by plane, train to deliver the message.
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the family had forgotten about the message in the bottle. now their reminiscing about life back in the 1960s. a trail camera captured the bear before it going into hibernation. wildlife experts say the black bears stay in their dens about five months each winter. we'll be right back after this. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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with two people injured and two others in ha a brawl between bay area police officers and firefighters ends with two people injured and two others in handcuffs. what led up to the fight coming up later today on kpix5 news at 5:00. got any plans? >> i want to know if you're going to go out surfing under the golden gate bridge. >> probably not today. i'll try later in the week. >> last chance before the rain comes. >> it was nice though. have a great day everyone. ,,
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♪ >> r.j.: mom is gonna marry spencer today. i mean, you have to stop her. you can't let this happen. >> ridge: your mother is an adult, r.j. >> r.j.: you know this is a mistake. you've stopped her before. when you guys went to dubai -- >> ridge: abu dhabi. a lot has changed since then. >> r.j.: but spencer hasn't. he wasn't right for her then, and he's not right for her now. >> ridge: there's more to it, son. >> r.j.: like what? you and mom love each other. if there's a way you can make this work... you just can't let her do this, dad. >> ridge: your mom and i have a plan. [ birds chirping ] >> donna: dad is crazy. no matter how many ptu


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